Condensed enterprise team spirit, in the same boat to enterprise's prosperity and decline to have any honor or disgrace.
    The pursuit of innovation, hard work, as domestic commutator industry platoon guide, inherit the fine tradition, and create a new situation in development.
     Pragmatic do solid work, seeking truth from facts, sincerity, to the spirit of the actual effect.
     High priority to efficiency, performance outstanding, create scientific, modern and efficient enterprise spirit.
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Angu professional commitment to all kinds of electrical commutator (commutator) product development and production, the annual production capacity of 50 million commutator products are mainly divided DZQ, JZQ and QZQ three series, 1000 specifications for electrical tool motors, household appliances, automobiles, motorcycles motors and other electrical products. Sold to the domestic than a dozen provinces and cities, 65% products exported to America, Europe, Southeast Asia and China's Hong Kong, Taiwan, Angu electrical 2006 annual turnover of 4.2 billion, with sales of 3.5 billion.
Angu Electric was founded in 1978, nearly 20 years of development, the company bigger and stronger ...

·TS / 16949 quality management system training[12/14]

·Internal combustion engine electrical appliances association to visit[12/14]

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Address:NO 6 at DongWang Road of suzhou industry park -JiangSu Province
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Address:NO 6 at DongWang Road of suzhou industry park JiangSu Province 215123
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